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Backfilling and Gravel

Sometimes the materials that are needed for a project aren't able to be excavated from the property. In this case, materials such as soil or rock will need to be brought to the property to complete the job. For example, filling in a swimming pool, building a gravel driveway, or installing underground filtration systems with rock are all services that will need additional materials brought to the job site. 


Backfilling is necessary when large holes or low spots need to be filled in, whether they are natural or from removing an underground structure such as a pool or septic tank. If the required soil is able to be excavated, we can dig for it in another area. If there is no available soil, we will have to bring some to the job site.

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We provide backfilling and gravel services for property owners throughout North and South Carolina.


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Gravel can be used as a part of drainage systems as well as expansions/turnarounds for driveways. When building a driveway, we first prepare the land for proper drainage. Whether that be naturally or through various drainage systems. A solid foundation is created so that the gravel can sit flat and not wash away. After the foundation and drainage are designed and created, we apply even layers of gravel around the desired area. 

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