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Excavation is the process of removing soil or rocks to either install underground structures/systems or to use the soil to build onto existing areas. There are many different types of excavation, but each type involves taking dirt out of an area for various purposes. Excavation is necessary for any construction project because it clears space and provides materials that are required for the project.

Earth Excavation

One of the main uses for excavation is to find the proper soil to use for any development project. Proper soil is necessary for laying the foundation for buildings, bridges, or other structures. When excavating for soil to use, we simply dig in one area to find the best/proper soil to use for the project. Once the soil is selected we then begin the process of digging in a large area at the depth of said soil, then relocate it to the area in need.


We provide excavation services for property owners throughout North and South Carolina.


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Trench excavation (trenching) is a form of excavation where the length of the excavated area exceeds its depth. There are many different uses for trenching, but it's mainly used for installing underground service lines, pipelines, or sewer systems. Trenching can require digging at various depths, depending on the soil type in the area and the requirements for the project.

Drainage Ditch B and A.png

Drainage Excavation

Drainage is used to carry water away from specific areas. Sometimes this can be done with simple excavation and grading. In order to provide proper drainage, we use trenching techniques to build drainage ditches in order to give runoff a place to go. There are also plenty of other techniques for dealing with drainage.

See our Drainage Systems page for more information. 

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