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Land Clearing and Site Prep

Before any major development project can take place, the land needs to be cleared and prepped. Each piece of property is unique and may require different strategies for clearing and prepping. The land will need to be mapped out and a strategy for dealing with debris and dirt will need to be planned out before the project starts.

Tree Clearing

The most basic form of land clearing is a flat property with nothing but trees and other vegetation throughout the parcel. This form of land clearing is the easiest and will take the least amount of time. If you use our services, we will draw up plans to bring heavy machinery to the property, knock the trees down, and deal with any remaining debris by either burning it or disposing of it with a dump trailer. 

We provide land clearing and site prep services for property owners throughout North and South Carolina.


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Grading is the process of changing the slope of the ground around a property. It is necessary to properly grade a property before a project in order to prevent drainage problems down the road. Without proper grading, water can build up and damage any structures or systems on the property. 



Properties that have existing structures on them will take more time, planning, and possibly permits before the land clearing process. If you use our services, we will bring the necessary equipment to successfully demolish and discard of any existing structures in order to get the property ready for the next project. 

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