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French Drain Installation in Rock Hill, SC

Installation of a 100' French drain to re-route storm water away from structures. We began with a free consultation to come diagnose the problem our client was having. We decided on the best location for the French drain and calculated how much materials we would need.

Materials needed:

9 tons of #57 Stone Gravel

200' Perforated 4" Corrugated Pipe

30' Solid 4" Corrugated Pipe

3' x 100' Trench Wrap

Wye connector and adapters

90 degree Pop up valve

Laser Level


Next, we began by digging a 100' trench at around 12-14" deep. We used a laser level to calculate around 1 inch of fall every 15 feet. Once the trench was done, we spread the initial layer of gravel on the bottom of the trench. After we raked the gravel to level we covered 200' of perforated corrugated pipe.

After the pipe is installed in the gravel, we put a trench wrap material to prevent mud from getting into the perforated pipe. We connect both pipes with a Wye connector at the end and run 4" solid corrugated pipe to our pop up valve where the water will drain.

The result is a working 100' French drain that will carry all of the water sloping down towards the property and route it away from the property where it can properly drain.

We provide quality earthwork and drainage system services to property owners in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. If you have a drainage problem and would like a risk-free estimate for your project, visit our website here to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.

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French Drain Install
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